I’m gonna make a guess and say yes she is.

Peyton List-ChGkwSQ

Lovely indeed.

Demi Lovato-LwuK14P

I’m just guessing that’s why her tongue is hanging out. Always remember, it’s important to stay properly hydrated.

Lexee Smith-MkTdL_SwjRQIkEkszpet8M-7VsbnGKfoAhSx9_FHDrs

Just kinda.

As hot as Hailee Steinfeld and Vanessa Hudgens look, it’s pretty obvious Ariel Winter has won Coachella. No need to even cast more votes. It’s over. She reigns supreme.

Even with the douchiest guy alive standing next to her.

Ariel Winter-D2eBeEN

As nice as Hailee Steinfeld looks at Coachella, she trails Vanessa Hudgens, who knows how to work this event.

But …

Vanessa Hudgens-IgoHPcY8VGvpNypflN3N9R8pLVMSNo2NhiE5f_37rjc

Looks like Hailee is at Coachella this weekend. She’s dressed very well in my opinion.

But …

Hailee Steinfeld-OoUkLSW