Zendaya Coleman

She probably looks great out of it too.

Zendaya said her dog won’t dive in the pool. I’ll happily dive into Zendaya.

The hottest way too skinny chick on the planet.


I’m not really that into Zendaya.¬†Gorgeous girl for sure but way too thin for me to be honest. But I do like girls who like to touch themselves and here’s Bella Thorne’s former Disney co-star going to town on herself on the cover of some magazine nobody’s ever heard of before called “Wonderland.”

Note to all other magazines nobody’s ever heard of – If you want to make a name for yourself find a former Disney chick and put them on the cover touching themselves. It’s sure to get people’s attention.

Worked for me didn’t it?


Zendaya Coleman starred on a Disney show with Bella Thorne. I’ve certainly lavished plenty of lust and cum on Bella’s hotness but haven’t given Zendaya the attention she deserves. By wearing those tight jeans and showing off a nice, round ass it’s clear Zendaya wants me to change all that.

All right baby, whatever you like. You’re on my radar now. Do you want me to cum for you because I will. I’m a romantic that way.

Zendaya Coleman sighting in New York