Witney Carson

This is the hottest piece of ass on Dancing With The Stars by far. I’d like Witney Carson to fuck me and then teach me how to dance. But mainly fuck me. I can live without dancing.

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You may not watch “Dancing With The Stars” but I trust you all know a smoking hot piece of ass when you see one. Witney Carson is one smoking hot piece of ass. Plus, she’s got that fit dancer’s body that can be all kinds of fun in bed. I love you Witney. Teach me how to dance and then fuck me. Pretty please?

Happy Friday 🙌❤️

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I’ve devoted nearly all of my masturbatory time to Bella Thorne in a bikini and understandably so. But my favorite dancer girl Witney Carson looks pretty damn sweet in a bikini too. I love her tits. I love her body. I think it would be a really cool thing if she fucked me. Talk about the amazing karma she’d be getting.


I really really do.


Witney Carson is on “Dancing With The Stars.” She’s one of the dancers which means she has a fabulous fit body and knows how to fuck. I may have assumed the last part but don’t all smoking hot chicks with great bodies know how to fuck? It’s in their DNA, right?

Anyway, Witney Carson is a dancer and I really want to fuck her. I just thought it was important everyone knew that.