Taylor Swift

So very bouncy.

Oh, Taylor Swift’s in the background for those of you who care about that.

I’d pay to watch them fuck.

Pretty sure Selena would wear the strap-on.

The cum shall flow and flow with abandon.


And again and again and again.

2014 American Music Awards -  Backstage And Audience

I can’t say for sure but based on this picture I think we can safely assume Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland fucked last night. I’m not the only one who’s seeing it, right? Sure seems plain as day to me. They’re not even trying to hide it.

Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland seen leaving KOI restaurant in New York City

There’s something about her I can’t get fully behind. Not sure what it is. I can’t really put my finger on it. But this chick has some damn fine legs. And I most definitely like that.

American Music Awards In Los Angeles 137586

I’ve never listened to a Taylor Swift song and have no desire to so I have no idea if she’s a talented singer or not. And frankly I don’t care. But that looks like one nice tight body and I’m thinking that despite all the whining she apparently does about her ex-boyfriends she might be a whole lotta fun to fuck.

Now there’s a song I’m willing to sing.


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