Taylor Momsen

Hot chicks with nice asses love anal.

It’s a fact.

Look it up.


Look at those gorgeous jugs. They were made to be sucked and fucked.

Many thanks to Jules for sending me this pic.

Even greater thanks to Taylor Momsen for bringing out the big guns with both barrels blazing.

They look so inviting.

Taylor Momsen is back on her “singing” tour and since the only thing anybody cares about with her is her body, she wisely is flashing her wonderful tits again for the world to see. She also is getting chicks with great jugs to hop on stage and show them off to everyone too.

As I ponder this picture more it suddenly occurs to me – Taylor Momsen may be our new Messiah. I intend to bow down in front of her the next time I see her and worship her sweet pussy and fine ass. I think it’s what the Savior would want.


Hold on, let me check for sure.

Yup. I definitely want to tit-fuck her.

Many thanks to blog reader Jules for sending me a pic of this incredible rack.

I’m going to cum now. A lot.

I like sluts with big tits. Taylor Momsen is a slut with big tits. Therefore, I like Taylor Momsen and would very much like to fuck her. Could someone point her toward my blog where she’ll see this evidence of my love for her and then proceed to fuck me?

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and thank you too Taylor for those most impressive jugs. And thanks to blog reader Jules for sending me these pics. You know what I like.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes pic from the FHM photoshoot I talked about yesterday where Taylor Momsen fucks porn star Jenna Haze. If you look closely, you can see Taylor’s ass. You have to look closely because it’s not like she’s intentionally showing it off or anything.

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