Sophie Turner

The night is dark and full of sex again.


I’d really like that a lot.


I’m willing to bet their sleepovers are all kinds of fun.

If you don’t watch “Game of Thrones” you’re really missing out. If you do watch “Game of Thrones” and haven’t seen “Battle of the Bastards” yet snap to it. That was one of the greatest hours of television you’re ever going to see. That was a classic GOT episode. No spoilers here. It was simply fantastic. That’s all I’m going to say.

Here’s a picture of Sophie Turner, who was in theĀ episode, and Maisie Williams, who wasn’t. I’d love to watch them fuck. That would be hot. That has nothing to do with “Game of Thrones.” It would just be really fucking hot.

Sophie Turner-MaisieJSuJUgz

You and your friend wanna fuck for me while I watch?

Sophie Turner-CkiXtlPWUAA7zVI

I’m guessing she looks just as tasty without one on too.

Sophie Turner

And I don’t get to watch. Life just sucks sometimes.

Maisie Williams-Sophie

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