Shakira and Rihanna made a music video together. Based on the scenes of their fine asses and touchy feely my guess is they spent most of their time fucking when they weren’t filming the video. So while I appreciate the lesbian overtones in this video I think they should just go ahead and fuck on camera for us. It seems like the most sensible thing to do, right? I guarantee you they would win the Best Video of the Year award.

Do they still give that award out?

If not, I promise to cum all over myself watching it. And isn’t that really the best reward of all?

It is said that a picture says 100 words. In this case it says just five – Rihanna and Shakira are fucking.

I’m gonna cum now.


Can you blame me?

Yes please.


Fuck me. Wow. Forgive me but I am currently unable to construct a proper sentence. OK, I think I did but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to communicate since all the blood is rushing from my brain to my cock.


Sweet Jesus, this is nice.