Scarlett Johansson

Sexual perfection.

Very very good.

Scarlett has wisely dumped her loser French husband so she is single and ready to mingle. I’m pretty sure this means we’re going to fuck.

I’m gonna fuck Black Widow. This is seriously awesome. I’m gonna be an Avenger.

Or at least inside one.

I rule, Marvel.


If you’re ever fortunate enough to meet Ms. Johansson maybe you can mention the fact that she’s left-handed. That would be something nice to talk about with her instead of just staring her tits like a degenerate.

Sheesh you guys.


Fuck me please.


In the immortal words of Cosmo Kramer …

“I’m OUT.”


Just bear with me I’ll figure it out. It’s like right on the tip of my tongue. Hang in there, it’ll come to me. I promise.


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