Sammi Hanratty

Seems like a reasonable assumption to make in my opinion.

And let me watch.

And film it so I can watch it again and again and again.


I bet they taste like paradise.


When Vanessa Hudgens showed up at her “Spring Breakers” premiere the other night she was kind enough to bring along her smoking hot little sister, Stella for the fun as well. Stella invited her friends Bella Thorne and Sammi Hanratty and all of them eventually hooked up with Shay Mitchell. I say “hooked up” because if this picture is any indication all four of them spent the rest of the night fucking.

They say a picture is worth a million words? Well this one screams out four.

Lesbian orgy with strap-ons.

Wait, is strap-ons one word or two?

Oh who the hell cares. Just enjoy the thought of these four babes fucking all night long.


Don’t they all look sweet?

Especially Stella’s firm tits.

I’m trying to decide which one I’d like to see on top.

Hmm …

I think they should switch off.

Yeah, that’ll work. That’ll make me cum.