Complete 100% pure sex.

I haven’t posted a pic of Rihanna in awhile. I don’t know why. I love Rihanna, especially her ass. She has an amazing ass. I┬áreally should apologize for not posting more pics of Rihanna. It’s very very wrong and I probably should be punished for it. By Rihanna. Personally. Can someone┬ámake that happen? I’m totally OK with that. Honest. No really I am.


That is all kinds of chocolate goodness.


I know nothing about fashion but I do know what makes me cum. Rihanna makes me cum and it’s often because of her fashion choices. I don’t know what any of this ultimately means other than Rihanna is going to make me cum again. And ultimately isn’t that what really matters most?


When people ask me why I enjoy anal sex so much I just point to Rihanna’s exquisite ass. Take a look at that and tell me you don’t wanna fuck it.


I’m a pretty easy guy to please. Give me a smoking hot chick with a great body in a bikini and I’m a very happy guy.

Rihanna is a smoking hot chick with a great body and she’s wearing a bikini. I am now happy.

See how easy it is to please me, ladies?


Once again, Rihanna proves she is the most awesome chick on the planet. All the rest of you babes out there, this should be your goal. It’s something to work for and aspire to. Good luck.

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