Rachel Bilson

I’d love to taste them. And love them.


Rachel Bilson has one of the finest asses on the planet. When she puts on a pair of tight jeans, birds sing, seas part and poets write sonnets. Her ass is spectacular and should be worshiped forever. I pledge to adore her wonderful ass for all eternity. It’s the least I can do for something so magnificent.


Wanna fuck?


Every day I see Rachel Bilson in a bikini is like Christmas. A gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. It’s like Christmas every day. Christmas for my cock. And that is the bestest kind of Christmas ever.



Of course you do. I know my readers.

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That ass is going to make me cum for days.

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Try your best to ignore the dude and focus on that gorgeous ass. It’s an ass built to be loved and licked and fucked.


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