I’ve said before that there has always been something about Pink that gets my motor running. For one, she has a terrific ass. And as we see here, she has some pretty nice tits too. I don’t care for all the tats but I like her aggressive, take-charge attitude. I bet she fucks like a champion.

I’d love to fuck her.

Come here, Pink. Let’s fuck tonight.


I really can’t stand the tats but Pink has a fine ass. I’d love to get my lips all over it.


I may be the only straight male in the world who thinks Pink is hot. I don’t care for all the tats – they sicken me to be honest and it’s a big turn off. But her body has always driven me wild. She has a dynamite ass and sweet legs. And you get the vibe she’d fuck you and all of the girls you brought to the party.

That makes her close to being the perfect woman.

Remove the tats and I’d pledge my devotion to her.

With the tats, I’ll still fuck her and we’ll have some fun tonight.


I may be the only heterosexual male on the planet who thinks Pink is hot but I do. Yeah, I said it. I think Pink is hot. I always have. Now I don’t care for all the tats. Personally, I think it’s disgusting when a woman tats herself up to extreme. There’s clearly some issues going on here. So I wish Pink hadn’t gone the heavy tat route. It makes skank her predominant color, not pink.

But she has a smoking body and she looks like the kind of chick who would smack you around if you didn’t fuck her right. And sometimes, a woman’s just gotta let you know who the boss is.

I can dig it.

Pink Performing In Concert In Germany (USA AND OZ ONLY)Pink Performing In Concert In Germany (USA AND OZ ONLY)