I typically don’t post a lot about my personal life on my blog. I’m a shy guy and this blog is mainly for fun. But you guys have been real good to me over the years and so I thought you deserved a little present. So here you go.

Without any further adieu, here are a few moments from a sex tape that my lovely Chloe and I filmed in the back seat of a car recently. It was her idea. She is a saucy little minx and I, as I said before, am a pretty shy guy. I hope you enjoy this.

Oh, in case you’re wondering – that isn’t really me. I photoshopped the dude’s face from “The Fifth Wave” onto mine. I’m much better looking.

Everyone who’s followed my blog for any length of time knows I rarely make “serious” types of posts. This is supposed to be a fun blog where we can lust over and fantasize about our favorite celebrity babes. Rarely, if ever, do I post something “serious” that isn’t meant to be in the spirit in which this blog was created.

This, however, will be one of those times.

I am politely requesting that there be no discussions or comments about pre-teens. I realize with so many younger chicks looking hotter than ever and some (like Kylie and Kendall Jenner) being exploited sexually for money at a young age this isn’t always easy to do. I am as open-minded a person as you will likely ever meet. I do not judge and whatever sexual things you enjoy are yours to enjoy. It is your business and none of mine.

However, I do personally draw a line at sexualizing pre-teens (girls aged 12 and under) and I would like to ask all of you to do the same on my blog. That is something I am not comfortable with and do not want on my blog.

I realize that I’m straddling a fine line here at times. I’ve made no attempts whatsoever to downplay how much I lust after girls like Chloe Moretz or Kylie Jenner or someone like Stella Hudgens before she turned 18. Without getting into a huge debate I do not have a problem with that. Many of the sexual laws around the world are far more liberal than in the United States and in many ways the U.S. is one of the most sexually repressed and backwards countries on the planet in my opinion.

It’s why you can have an episode of “Girls” where a chick gets her ass eaten turn out to be a huge Internet sensation and become a really big deal (or as big as anything on “Girls” could ever hope to be). Meanwhile in France, they probably view it as a typical Tuesday.

So when I make this request I do understand I am inching close to hypocrisy since I celebrate the sexuality of teenage girls on this site. However, with pre-teens I will draw the line. I have deleted and will continue to delete comments along those lines. Since they seem to have increased in recent weeks I now feel compelled to make this post.

I hope everyone will understand and respect my position on this. I want everyone to enjoy my blog and continue to come here. The requests I make of all of you will definitely be very few. That is a promise. But this is one I do feel strongly about and I hope everyone will adhere going forward.

Thanks. 🙂

Don’t bitch about how tough it is to find a good man when there are good men standing right next to you that you won’t give two shits about. Makes you look like an ignorant bitch.

Just sayin.

End of rant. Back to the tits and ass.

I wanna cum.

A great guy makes it clear he’s interested in a girl.

The girl rejects him.

The girl then looks for public sympathy saying how lonely she is.

Should we feel sorry for her?

I think not.


In the past year I unfriended a number of chicks on Facebook. The reasons why aren’t important; let’s just say people move in different directions over time and people you once were friends with or seemed to be friends with no longer carry any value in your life.

In any event, a few of the chicks were really hot and I’d always wanted to fuck them. Again, for a variety of reasons that never happened. One chick, for example, really liked drug addicts who beat her up. Since I’m not a drug addict or an abuser of women that kept me out of the Let’s Fuck Tonight loop. Despite all her issues, though, she had a fantastic body and I really did want to fuck her.

Anyway, I’ve had some intense sex dreams about a few of them lately. What bothers me is I wake up wanting to friend them again on Facebook even though I had good reasons for deleting them in the first place. Also, it’s not like the dreams are ever going to become a reality. I have a better chance of fucking Vanessa Hudgens then I do any of these chicks. But there really was something intense about those dreams and there was a definite feeling of longing when I awoke.

That’s the last thing I need to feel – longing for girls who I’m better off not having anything to do with anymore.

But damn, those sex dreams were hot.

There must be 100 gorgeous black chicks where I’m at tonight. It’s like I’ve died and gone to Mocha heaven.

I want to fuck each and everyone of them. And then watch them all fuck each other.

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