Lea Michele made a music video this weekend and apparently it’s about her nipples because she proudly put them on display for all to see. I didn’t know people made music videos anymore but if they’re going to be about hot chicks’ nipples I will definitely tune in. Congratulations Lea Michele, your new video looks like a hit.


Shakira and Rihanna made a music video together. Based on the scenes of their fine asses and touchy feely my guess is they spent most of their time fucking when they weren’t filming the video. So while I appreciate the lesbian overtones in this video I think they should just go ahead and fuck on camera for us. It seems like the most sensible thing to do, right? I guarantee you they would win the Best Video of the Year award.

Do they still give that award out?

If not, I promise to cum all over myself watching it. And isn’t that really the best reward of all?

I didn’t watch The Grammy’s last night because, quite frankly, today’s music mostly sucks so why see awards given out to crap? Based on today’s reaction on the Internet, though, it appears Beyonce stole the show. Based on the pictures I’ve seen I would say more specifically that Beyone’s ass stole the show. Did her ass win any awards last night? If not, it was robbed. Robbed I say.


One of the things I love most in life is Rihanna’s ass. Thankfully, Rihanna loves her ass just as much as I do. Maybe more (although I seriously doubt it). She just loves showing it off. Here she is flaunting that amazing ebony ass in her new video “Pour It Up.” I think Pour It Up means Cum All Over My Sensational Black Ass. You are a wordsmith, Rihanna and I love you.


We’ve reached the point in Miley Cyrus’ career when she doesn’t act like a sex-crazed slut it will be a break from the norm. Of course, I’m not complaining that Miley is letting her sex out all over the place. I love chicks who are honest and upfront about being sluts. Those are my favorite kinds of chicks. That’s why I love Miley. She’s a slut. She knows she’s a slut and she loves being a slut.

Most importantly, Miley just wants to make you cum. And in honor of her sexual greatness I shall now cum in her honor. Maybe I’ll even Twerk while I cum.

2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival VillageiHeartRadio Music Festival Village

Miley Cyrus is in the news a lot lately. If there aren’t rumors that her engagement to Thor’s brother is about to end, she’s “twerking” her ass off or licking everything in sight. Her latest video, “Wrecking Ball” was just released and in it Miley is naked and licking phallic-shaped objects. All of this puzzles me. I’m not sure what Miley is trying to tell us. I wish she would be more direct about her longings and desires. All this subtlety is making me think too hard. And when it comes to Miley, I don’t wanna think. I wanna cum.

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Never let it be said that Miley Cyrus isn’t a lover of a round ass. In one of the many girl-girl loving scenes from her current video “We Can’t Stop,” Miley gets a nice hold of a black chick’s ass. There’s also some scenes of Miley getting spanked by her girl friends. She also grinds her ass in a girl’s crotch and french kisses a doll that looks just like her. I’m no rocket scientist but I think we have a theme here folks and it’s one I can definitely get on board with. And cum all over.


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