Mila Kunis

I can’t be the only one. Let’s not let Kelso have all the fun. That just is so wrong.


Esquire Magazine today named Mila Kunis the hottest slut on the planet. Or words to that effect. I can’t argue with the choice too much from a visual point of view because Mila is fuckin smokin. Her tight, firm body makes my cock spring to life with happiness and joy.

However, she’s fucking Ashton Kutcher which means she’s really fucking stupid. Ashton Kutcher? Seriously, Mila? You could have any guy on the planet and that’s the one you’re allowing to plow your sweet passageway of love? You lose a lot of points in my book for that. I’d still fuck you. Gladly. But I’d snicker after I came at how stupid you are for fucking that douche bag.

Yeah, this will work.

This will most definitely work.

If you like hot chicks who aren’t wearing a bra and showing off a glimpse of their tits then this post is for you. Here’s Mila Kunis showcasing some of her tits for the world to see. And now I’m sharing it with all of you. Do I know my audience or what?

They sure do look nice and suckable.

Mila Kunis isn’t exactly buxom but she has a nice, tight bod that I would love to fuck. And here she is in FHM magazine flashing a hint of her tits as a way to make me want to fuck her even more.

Well played, Kunis. Well played.

Mila Kunis doesn’t have a huge rack but that didn’t stop her from blasting out her guns as best as she could last night at the Oscars. I not only appreciate the effort but I love her hotness. It’s no surprise Justin Timberlake is pumping his penis in her now. She’s got it going on in a major way and on a night when so many hot actresses dressed down (couldn’t you have shown off your award-winning jugs, Scarlett?), Mila reminded us what the Oscars are really about.

Hot chicks showing off their tits.

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