Michelle Rodriguez

I’ve long been a fan of Michelle Rodriguez. I think she’s got a fine bod plus she’s down with the ladies so you know if you get her in bed she’ll likely bring a hot friend with her so the two of them can fuck while you take a moment┬áto just chill.

If she wasn’t bat-shit crazy she’d likely be the perfect woman.

But I guess nobody can be perfect, right Michelle? How about we forget about all your drunken misadventures and fuck like two wild bunnies in heat.

Do wild bunnies fuck hard?

I’m guessing they do.


This might explain it.

michelle (24)

When I go to a basketball game I’m there to check out the action on the court. When Michelle Rodriguez goes to a basketball game, she’s there to make some action off the court.

Here’s Michelle about to tongue runway model Cara┬áDelevingne at a recent Knicks game. I don’t blame Michelle for wanting something else to get her attention. After all, the Knicks suck and two chicks fucking is one of the hottest things this world has ever created.

So props to Michelle for getting all liquored up and tongue kissing runway models at NBA games. That sure beats what I did the last time I went to one. I didn’t even get a hug.

Michelle Rodriguez-2uQpvjS

In honor of Michelle Rodriguez’s great cameo return to “Lost” last night (and by the way, how outstanding was last night’s episode?), here’s a picture of her showing off the goods in a wonderfully tight see-through dress.

C’mon Ana Lucia, let’s fuck all night long.

OK, I can’t really prove she did. But take a look at this picture and remember two things – 1) Michelle is a confirmed bisexual and Hayden likes to fuck other girls as well. So think about that and then try and tell me mere minutes after this picture was taken that Michelle wasn’t pounding Hayden’s sweet pussy with a strap on.

Do you think I was born yesterday or something?