Michelle Beadle

Here’s a picture of Rihanna and Michelle Beadle and all indications strongly suggest that shortly after this picture was taken Rihanna put on a black strap-on dildo and fucked Michelle hard until both of them could not stop cumming.

Seems like a reasonable conclusion to me.

It also appears she wants me to cum in her mouth.

Well OK, if she insists.

Michelle Beadle is a former ESPN personality who got a new job with CBS sports, reportedly because she’s fucking her married boss and once reportedly asked Aaron Rodgers at a party if he wanted to fuck (the Packers star quarterback reportedly declined the offer). She also hates Erin Andrews and based on this picture she’s fascinated by monkey cock.

I don’t know what all of this means except she’s hot and probably a slut and that’s a great combination. Now if only I was rich and famous she’d probably want to fuck me too.

I have to get to work on that.