Lucy Hale

So much talent.

I wonder if she wants to fuck me. Does anyone know her? If you do could you ask her if she’d like to fuck me? Let me know what she says. Thanks in advance.

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This really isn’t my thing but if it’s what Lucy wants it’s what Lucy will get.


Nice and soft and smooth. Just the way I┬álike ’em.

lucy hale (3)

God bless summer and God bless hot pieces of ass in bikinis in the summer.

lucy hale (10)lucy hale (2)

Pretty little piece of ass.

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When it comes to fashion I know what I like and what I like are hot chicks who wear clothes that make it clear they’re ready to fuck. This little white number Emily Osment chose for the ABC upfronts on Tuesday leaves little doubt that she’s ready to put her gorgeous body to work. I’m sure Lucy Hale and Emily’s “Young and Hungry” co-star Aimee Carrero agreed as they spent the night ravishing her.


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