Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s new movie, “The Canyons,” is out now and in case you haven’t heard it really sucks. Nobody should be surprised by this. What career Lindsay once had was flushed down the toilet a long time ago. The only reason anybody gives a shit about this “film” is because Lindsay’s topless and plays a whore. If there’s a scene of her coked out of her brain than it’s pretty obvious she’s just playing herself.

Anyway, Lindsay’s tits still look pretty damn good so that’s something in her favor. I have no idea how much it costs to see a movie where you live but here are four pics of Lindsay topless which is the only reason anybody would see this movie in the first place. So I just saved you some money. You’re welcome.

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In case you didn’t know, Lindsay Lohan has big tits. And in case you didn’t know, Lindsay is more than happy to bring it … or them … to your attention.

So Lindsay Lohan is playing Elizabeth Taylor in what is sure to be one of the worst movies in history. When one thinks of Elizabeth Taylor, the last person they envision in the role is a drug-addled, train wreck of a slut whose career peaked at age 17.

Anyway, as the picture below shows (sorry it’s all blurry), Lindsay is playing Liz the only way Lindsay can – by being Lindsay. That means her tits are falling out of her top.

Yup, that’s what made Elizabeth Taylor a living legend. The fact she was constantly flashing her tits everywhere she went. Looks like Lindsay’s gonna nail this role.

Given how Lindsay Lohan’s career has essentially morphed into her taking pictures of herself nude, or barely clothed in bed looking like she’s about to cum she might as well just go All In and enter the porn industry. It’s the one job she’s still probably good at and it’s pretty much the only way she’ll generate any meaningful interest.

I’d still fuck her and enjoying playing with her majestic jugs but I’ll fuck just about anything so that’s not saying much.

She does have a great rack, though. That counts for something, I guess.

Here’s Lindsay Lohan dressed in a see-through top that shows off her magnificent jugs standing outside a room numbered 69. I’m not sure what she’s trying to tell me here. It’s so confusing.


Here’s Lindsay Lohan showing off her tits.


Talk about a double bagger. Lindsay looks absolutely hideous. Other than her massive jugs, that is. I’d still love to suck on those babies until the cows came in.

But hot damn does she look like shit. Sadly, she probably sees this picture and thinks “My tits are amazing” instead of “I should probably lay off the crack.”

Clueless bitch.

I like big jugs.

Yeah I said it.

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