Lexee Smith

I’m just guessing that’s why her tongue is hanging out. Always remember, it’s important to stay properly hydrated.

Lexee Smith-MkTdL_SwjRQIkEkszpet8M-7VsbnGKfoAhSx9_FHDrs

It looks nice where she is.

I’m serious – she really needs to get on that.

Lexee Smith-d6z0AptzNpolshnp16WpIU04XI2fqSFqMsC-elGHtmY

She’s very photogenic too.

lexxe smith- z733gRj

Nice fence.

She really should get on that.

Lexee Smith-diWODGIh3MUQnZ7hJgTu26AJBD1pB195TQSXCwbgATU

She should probably get that patched up.

Lexee Smith-1uY0U1xg5dj59AuV3wFbrTgiVckcvlSpGT7Chj8zvjE

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