Lea Michele

Not sure if you guys noticed that.

How you doin?


She looks nice and relaxed.


I don’t know why Lea Michele got naked. Oh yes I do. It’s because she has no career to speak of anymore and she needs the attention.

I like this plan. I’m all for this plan. I wish more hot young chicks got on board with this plan.

I’m pretty sure Lea Michele is going to win this week.

You hear that all you hot young sluts out there. Try and top what Lea Michele just did today. I dare ya.

I double dog dare ya.

I totally will say yes if you ask me. I promise.


I’d be shocked to hear Selena Gomez could walk straight the morning after the Golden Globes given all the fucking she probably dead. Here she is snuggling up with Lea Michelle and likely asking her if she can bury her tongue in Lea’s gorgeous ass. I know that’s what I’d be asking.


Lea Michele is on vacation and by the looks of it, her ass is having an amazing time.


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