Kylie Jenner

Kylie definitely has serious game. She should go pro.

Kylie Jenner-thighshot

Last night Kylie Jenner took a pic of herself – shocking I know – and in the murky background is her sister Khloe who appears to be topless. I’m assuming this was because she was minutes away from being fucked by Kylie with a strap-on.¬†Pretty sure that’s how it all went down.


Sometime in the last week Kylie Jenner confirmed what everyone with an elementary school education already knew – her grotesquely deformed clown lips are in fact fake grotesquely deformed clown lips. For some reason Kylie was insecure about having normal human lips so she puffed her lips up. And for some reason she adamantly denied her obviously fake clown lips were fake clown lips until it reached the point where the only people believing this nonsense were fetuses and puppies.

So now Kylie has come clean about her clown lips. Sadly, she long since lost the opportunity to have someone give her good advice to go back to having human lips again. So she’ll continue to have clown lips and fuck loser rappers who are so beneath her pay grade it’s not even funny.

Oh well. I tried to help but Kylie just wouldn’t fuck me. That’s all I wanted and it’s such a small price to pay for the amazing advice I would’ve provided.

Here’s a pic of Kylie’s tits which always make me forget about her clown lips. Enjoy.


This is my kinda view.


It’s Kylie Jenner in a bikini again but this time no clown lips. It’s all about the tits and ass. Oh yes Kylie, you know what I like.


Not sure how many of you noticed that Kylie Jenner changed her hair color. I figured most of you were too busy staring at her tits to notice.



Here is what Kylie Jenner wore to the first day of Coachella on Friday. By her standards this is practically a nun’s outfit. But she is showing off her nice, soft, sexy thighs and that’s enough to get me to cum all over. So for Day 1 at least, Kylie has won Coachella.

Even if she didn’t go Full Slut or as I like to call it The Kylie.


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