Kylie Jenner

Of all the things Kylie Jenner does well (and I’m not sure it’s a very long list to be honest) one of the best is wearing a bikini. She’s a natural.

Well maybe some of her is.

Anyway, here’s Kylie in a bikini and now we can all start cumming. It’s what she wants from us.

Kylie Jenner-nPjg9LV

I wonder if she knows how gorgeous her tits are. She seems so naive and innocent.

Kylie Jenner-QrtG1B3

Those thighs make me wanna ejaculate.

Kylie Jenner-sMMdLiO

Well OK, if she insists.


Other than taking all our orgasms again.


When Kylie Jenner goes out, she goes all out. Just walking up a flight of stairs is going to make an entire universe cum. That is the power this hot young slut has. I hope she never loses it.


Just a little bit tight.


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