Kylie Jenner

Well OK if she insists.

Of course she calls the paparazzi to let them know where she’s at so they can all photograph her doing herĀ “normal” things but the bottom line is she’s just like us people. She’s just like us.

Oh and cue up the “I’d love to pump her” comments now too.

Kylie Jenner-UPonFex

In case you weren’t aware Kylie Jenner has an impressive rack. To ensure this important detail is not ignored by the general public, Kylie likes to posts pictures of her tits on social media. This is one of the reasons why Kylie will soon rule the world. She has the power and knows how to wield it.


I’m sure Kylie had no idea at all she was about to Snap Chat braless. She’s clearly not the type of person who would orchestrate and carefully plan a “candid” social media moment. Nope. Not her style or her family’s style at all.


Oh yeah we all know she did. Kylie’s definitely a top so she was working the strap-on like a pro.

This girl is going to break the world when she turns 18. Count on it.

Kylie Jenner-BpGJrP8

I have a feeling the outtakeĀ of this video where Kylie fucks Kendall with a strap-on is much more enjoyable but since I don’t have that video here you go.

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