Kylie Jenner

For those of you tired of Kylie Jenner wasting her many talents on some loser wanna-be rapper it’s time for you to rejoice – she is now single. Of course, since she is a Jenner and clearly modeling her life on her older step-sister, it’s safe to say all of this is calculated and plotted out and soon she will be with someone new.

And since she is becoming Kim Redux (such a waste of potential), it’s likely the next guy she’ll allow to fuck her (for free) will be a pro athlete. Sadly for her, Reggie Bush is already married although he is injured so he has some free time.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Kylie I Could’ve Been The Best Kardashian/Jenner Of Them All But I Threw It All Away With Fake … Well … Everything.

Kylie Jenner-yUZibzb

OK, so I was wrong that Miley Cyrus being a lesbian top was the least surprising thing ever. Kendall and Kylie Jenner french kissing is still No. 1 on the list.

Sorry Miley. You gotta do better girl.

You did notice the shoes, didn’t you?

Kylie Jenner

It’s so rare Kylie shows off her ass like this. It’s like a solar eclipse or Haley’s Comet. One of those rare treasures in life you may have heard about it but never saw for youself. So enjoy this everyone and cherish it. We may not see it again.

Until her next Instagram post at least.

Kylie Jenner-CgSC0hh

Of course you do.

I wouldn’t lie to you and neither would Kylie.

Kylie Jenner-6YbUnUC


Kylie Jenner-M0S2I2W

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