Kylie Jenner

Then again, who doesn’t?

In case you were wondering.

Kylie Jenner-bigtits

Like Chloe Moretz, Kylie Jenner’s taste in guys is odd to say the least (and that’s being kind). Apparently Kylie is once again allowing someone named Tyga to cum inside her. So apparently Kylie is really fucking stupid. But on the bright side her body is amazing and her thighs look luscious. And honestly that’s all I care about with her so keep it up Kylie and I promise I will too.

Kylie Jenner-984288e54f18472e9f4b9c95779d8e3e

Of course she does.

Here ya go.

Kylie Jenner-EyYXFBY

In case you were wondering.

Kylie Jenner-RpQpmTT

And I guarantee you she’s wearing a strap on. If there’s anything in this world I am 100% sure of it’s that Kylie Jenner is a top. Book it.

Kylie Jenner-BboFD79

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