Kendall Jenner

She also has a nice, tight body built for fucking.

And a monkey.

She has a monkey too.


Khloe and Kylie definitely are wearing the strap-ons. Kendall strikes me as more of a bottom.


Here’s a Blind Item I read today with the top guess being Kendall Jenner. Does this mean Kendall Jenner is a whore? Of course not. Would anyone be surprised if it turned out she was? Of course not.

There was a quiet celebration when this A list reality star/part-time model made her debut in that Middle Eastern escort magazine although she was ticked off that someone very close to her tried to hog the spotlight by also being in it. Speaking of ticked off, the bff of one of the people above was ticked off that she was not asked to be in it. If you are in it you can ask double what anyone else outside the magazine can get. Oh, and make no mistake, everyone in the magazine is for sale.

Oh here’s a pic of Kendall so all of you can cum.


Maybe a little more than “kinda.”


This not only makes me want to go swimming but really fuck Kendall Jenner. Well done by the marketing geniuses who came up with this brilliant ad campaign.


This is the pic on Instagram I mentioned in one of my Kylie posts today. The odds of it being a fake are close to 100% in my opinion but I gotta say as far as fakes go this one is pretty damn good. I typically do not get off on fake pics but this one made me cum hard. It’s probably due to the fact there’s a near 100% chance Kylie and Kendall fuck each other and there are probably sex tapes and plenty of pics somewhere that would make us all go insane.


I began today by fantasizing about a three-some with Kylie and Kendall Jenner. The orgasm was spectacular. I’m just as shocked as all of you are. Who knew that fantasizing about two hot young pieces of ass fucking me and each other would make me cum so hard. The things you learn every day sure are somethin.

Oh, for those of you on Instagram be sure to check out the pic posted by stonecoldchachster this morning. I have no idea who that person is and the picture is almost certainly a fake but there is a part of me that hopes it isn’t mainly because it played a big part in me cumming this morning. And I like things that make me cum.


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