Kendall Jenner

And then they fucked.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong. You know I’m right. You want me to be right.

Kyle Kendall Jenner-Tlgchz7

Oh yeah we all know she did. Kylie’s definitely a top so she was working the strap-on like a pro.

I have a feeling the outtake of this video where Kylie fucks Kendall with a strap-on is much more enjoyable but since I don’t have that video here you go.


I can’t quite figure out what it is that’s missing here but give me a minute and I’m sure it’ll come to me.


Smart choice by Calvin Klein. Kendall’s ass could make me buy just about anything.

Except bacon flavored toothpaste. I mean, what the fuck? Seriously what the fuck?

Kendall Jenner-mf9sXaa

I love sluts.

I really really do.


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