Chloe Moretz and Keira Knightly are in Seattle right now shooting a movie called “Laggies.” In what is sure to be one of the greatest scenes in any upcoming film Chloe and Keira will reportedly lock lips in what is sure to be one of the finest and most beautiful displays of lesbian lust on film.

If it were me, I wouldn’t stop with the kiss. I’d create a beautiful, tender, romantic scene where Chloe and Keira move on from a passionate french kiss to a torrid 69 with Chloe on top grinding her sweet teenage pussy into Keira’s hungry face while she buried her tongue in Keira’s dripping snatch until the two of them were screaming as they both came together. I can’t think of a more perfect scene for the two of them to play.

Alas, it’s likely just going to be a kiss. But hopefully it’s a hot one. I’m already cumming just thinking about it.