Katy Perry

Happy Friday everyone.

Katy Perry-SZ6ovOQ

I don’t pay much attention to Katy Perry to be perfectly honest. I’ve never heard any of her songs and know little about her other than she has big tits and let Russell Brand cum inside her a lot. Turns out she also has really nice legs. Nice tits and nice legs. A real dual threat. I may have to start paying more attention to you Miss Perry.

Katy Perry @ Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show Press Conference 014

Of course she is.


I’ve seen enough porn to know that when two girls start kissing they quickly start fucking. So last night after Miley Cyrus kissed Katy Perry I think we can safely assume they later fucked. And we all know Miley wore the strap on.


In case you didn’t know, Katy Perry has big tits.


Gotta say, if you’re just dying to prove to the world you’re a slut who loves to fuck just put on a pair of Fuck Me boots. Trust me, the message will be received loud and clear.


I didn’t watch The Grammys last night because “The Walking Dead” returned and only a fool would watch The Grammys over “The Walking Dead” and I ain’t no fool. Anyway, Katy Perry was at The Grammys and so were her fantastic jugs. I’ve never heard any of her music and have no desire to but I’d love to lose myself in those wonderful mounds of love.


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