Kate Winslet

This was a pretty sad year for the Oscars. Usually, there’s no shortage of hotness to ogle, lust after and cum over. But this year? Not so much. Jennifer Lopez was the only celebrity willing to show off the goods – sorry I just can’t take Angelina Jolie’s right leg seriously – and I’m kinda bored with JLo so despite a good view of her tits I still wanted more.

So with nobody stateside doing their part it was left for me to go overseas to Paris to find this year’s award winner. That was Kate Winslet, who was receiving an award in Paris for having a truly wondrous pair of tits. It may have had something to do with her acting ability too but for me, it was all about the tits.

Congratulations Kate, you won the Oscars this season. Your tits are magnificent.

I’ll post my thoughts about the Oscars later today but first I wanted to showcase Kate Winslet and her fantastic tits. Unfortunately, Kate wasn’t at the show last night. She took her tits to London which is a damn shame because she would have easily been the best thing about the show last night. But whether she’s in this country or not, Kate’s award-winning bosom is always a highlight for me.

They look so nice I’d love to get my lips on them.

I’ve long been a big fan of Kate Winslet. Not only is she an amazing actress, but she comes across in interviews as a very cool, down-to-earth person. Plus, she has a fantastic body and she’s never been shy about showing it off.

The lovely Kate recently wore this dress to a film premiere. Notice how she took particular care to showcase her gorgeous jugs. That’s what makes her so wonderful. Talented and a great rack.

I love you Kate. Let’s fuck.

I’ve long been a big fan of Kate Winslet. I think she’s the best actress alive with incredible range and fascinating choices of material. I also think she’s smoking hot with a gorgeous body she doesn’t mind showing off. Case in point – this pic which provides a tantalizing glimpse of her tits.

I love you Kate. Let’s fuck and watch Oscar-winning movies together.

In my opinion, Kate Winslet is the finest actress working in movies today. Her range is extraordinary and the depth of her performances magnificent. She is worthy of all the praise she has received in her career thus far.

She also has gorgeous tits and thankfully she still wants the world to know it.

Here’s the lovely Kate wearing a skin-tight dress which shows off her ample bosom. I wonder if she would let me suck on them for awhile.

Hmmm …