Kat Dennings

A really big fan.

Kat Dennings-jugs

The new “Thor” film is coming out soon and chances are it’s going to be amazing. Maybe not quite as amazing as Kat Dennings’ tits but that shouldn’t be viewed as an insult to the film. Kat Dennings’ tits are fantastic. So if something doesn’t quite measure up to these beautiful mounds of love, that doesn’t make it any less special. It just means Kat Dennings’ tits are at the top of all things wonderful.

'Thor: The Dark World' Premiere

Remember to say pretty please.

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I stopped watching “Two Broke Girls” because it wasn’t very good. The only reason I tuned in each week was because I love Kat Dennings and her gorgeous jugs. She went to The Grammys the other night and showed off her majestic cleavage. That isn’t enough to get me to watch her show again but it’s more than enough to make me cum. And honestly, isn’t that more important in the grand scheme of things?


I’m a huge fan of Kat Dennings and not just because she has magnificent tits. Sure that helps but she also seems like a pretty cool chick. Plus, she took semi-nude pics of herself on her cell phone which means she’s a slut.

So you have a hot chick with gorgeous jugs, who’s pretty cool and a slut.

Yeah she may be the perfect girl.

But she didn’t win The Emmys last night. Olivia Munn did. But it wasn’t for lack of effort as Kat brought forth her mammoth jugs for all to see and bear witness to their greatness.

I’ll happily spill my seed for you Kat even if you are this year’s Emmy runner-up. Can I cum on your glorious mounds of love?

They look awful chummy in this pic.

Seems like a reasonable question to ask.

I would very much like to suck on her gorgeous tits. I think that would be fun.

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