Kaia Gerber


I’d like me some of that. Supermodel daughter has it goin on.


Nice and soft looking too. I like them.


Very nicely.



I’m glad Cindy Crawford’s daughter is doing her part to stay fit. It’s important for America’s youth to be in shape.

Here is Kaia Gerber in a video for something called MIU MIU which apparently is a huge fashion brand or something. I’m a heterosexual male so none of that means anything to me. But I do like hot girls and there’s no denying Kaia’s natural beauty.

In case you’re wondering why she looks so familiar it’s because she’s Cindy Crawford’s daughter and yes she looks exactly like mom which is good news really for the entire world because who knew there would be two of them someday. Oh and in case you’re wondering if you should feel weird watching this and looking at a 14-year-old girl in various stages of undress and clearly being viewed as a sexual object just remember it’s totally OK because mom and dad signed off on this and this is all “art” or something.


I have no idea what Cindy Crawford’s husband looks like but I spent years memorizing every tantalizing curve on Cindy C so I damn well know what she looks like. So when I see their daughter Kaia it’s like looking at 14-year-old Cindy in a time capsule. Kaia is already posting bikini pics of herself on social media so she may be only 14 but she knows how to work the game. Mama must be so proud.

Welcome to my blog Kaia Gerber. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more of you.

kaia gerber