Julie Benz

The final season of “Dexter” will be coming to Showtime soon but the current cast and some former castmates turned out this weekend to celebrate the season premiere episode. Among those invited was the sultry Julie Benz. I miss Rita on “Dexter” and I also miss Julie Benz’s glorious tits. She can fuck me anytime she wants. It’s just the kinda guy I am.

Showtime Celebrates 8 Seasons Of "Dexter" - Arrivals

I’ve long been a fan of Julie Benz. From her days on “Angel” to “Dexter,” she’s a good actress and seriously smokin. She also seems like a pretty cool chick. She can do hot and classy with the best of ’em. I would very much like to insert my penis into her vagina.

I’ve been a fan of Julie Benz since her days on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and later “Angel.” She’s hot, funny and seems like a cool chick. I wonder if she would mind cheating on her husband with me. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Julie Benz is incredibly hot. She has an amazing body. Her ass is magnificent. Unfortunately, she’s engaged. I still want to butt-fuck her, though. I think she understands why.

Oh yeah, she’s also wearing a bikini and has dynamite tits.

But check out the hat. It’s really big.

I guess that’s what she’s drinking. I’m too busy checking out her tits.

I miss her on “Dexter.”


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