Jessica Szohr

My luscious Vanessa and Jessica Szohr hung out at the Victoria Secrets runway show a few days ago in New York. I think we can safely assume that after the show the two of them went back to Vanessa’s room and launched into the type of ¬†wonderful and torrid lesbian sex that would bring the walls of the hotel down. After all, they just spent hours watching half-naked babes with amazing bodies. I know that gets me horny and wanting to fuck. It sure as hell must’ve turned on Vanessa and Jessica’s engines as well.

Jessica definitely looks like the type of girl who would wear the strap on and Lord knows Vanessa looks like the type of girl who would love to be fucked by one.

What a night this must’ve been.

She also has a solid looking rack.

That seems to be a reasonable deduction based on this photo.