Jennifer Lopez

I’m onto you JLo. I see what you’re doing. You want me to look at your tits and cum, don’t you? You sly minx. But I’m not gonna do it. Nope. I won’t give into you. I’m gonna …

Damn I looked.

Damn you JLo. Damn you to hell.


Looks like her tits made it too.

Jennifer Lopez-oscars

I approve of this fashion choice.


For some reason that seemed important to point out.


Everything about Jennifer Lopez screams raging bitch. No matter how hard she tries to pretend she’s nice, you can just see the raging bitch about to burst through. But chances are, if she wants to fuck you she’s really good at it. And that counts for a lot in my book.

So here’s Jennifer Lopez’s ass, which is nice and round even if she is a gigantic bitch.


I’ll suck on ’em.


I’ve never been a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez. She has always struck me as an enormous bitch. But she is hot and has nice tits and I do like hot chicks with nice tits. So I’m officially torn about what to do with J-Lo.

I think I’ll cum and figure it all out later.