Jennifer Aniston

I don’t know about you but I don’t grab a girl’s ass unless I want to fuck her. The difference is I can’t go around grabbing any hot girl’s ass I want like Jennifer Aniston can. But make no mistake Selena Gomez, if Jennifer Aniston is grabbing your ass she means business.


Pretty darn nice for 45.

Jennifer Aniston 02

Jennifer Aniston is 43 and has the type of body chicks in their 20s would love to have – and maybe love to fuck. Put Jen in a bikini and my cock springs to attention. Thank you Jen for still looking hot and making me want to cum.


Nice of her to make sure nobody would miss ’em.

It’s because even at age 42 her ass is magnificent. It be my pleasure to lovingly pleasure it with my lips, tongue and cock.

I think it’s safe to say Jennifer Aniston is a lousy lay. How else can you describe the fact a chick this hot can’t keep a man? Well maybe she’s off-the-charts nuts. OK, that’s very viable. But I’m guessing she isn’t all that in bed too which is a damn shame because her body is smokin. I’m looking at these pics and all I want to do is fuck her and cum. Why are all the hot ones so fucked up?

I pretty much think Jennifer Aniston is a nutcase. How else can you explain a smoking hot chick who can’t keep a man around for more than a few minutes at a time? But I’m not here to analyze Jennifer. I’m here to lust after her incredible body. And she does have an incredible body.

Here are a couple of pics from her new film – “Horrible Bosses” – which looks passable enough and features a few tantalizing glimpses of her wonderful jugs. Of course she’s not nude or topless. That’s not Jen’s style. She saves that for the parade of men she can’t keep in her life because she’s probably a clingy, fucked-up broad who has no idea what men really want.

Oh wait, I think I just analyzed her.

Sorry Jen, I’ll go back to wanting to cum all over your sensational tits.

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