Hayden Panettiere

I haven’t had a chance to see all of the celebrity slut Halloween costumes yet but the front-runner to win this year’s award currently goes to Hayden Panettiere for showing off a healthy amount of fake tits. I appreciate the effort even though it saddens me to know she’s now engaged to a giant. I don’t understand why hot chicks want to flush their prime slut years down the toilet like that.

Oh well. Nice (fake) tits, Hayden. I shall now proceed to cum all over them. That’s how we celebrate Halloween at my place.


Now I’d like to see you out of that bra and those skin tight pants and on top of my hard cock riding me until we both are screaming in ecstasy.

Yeah, that’ll work.

Hayden Panettiere promotes her new TV series 'Nashville' in Munich, Germany

In a perfect world I’d get to fuck her every day but I’m not a greedy man. I’ll take one magical night of lust with this gorgeous piece of ass. That isn’t too much to give to a dying man is it Hayden?

I’m not really dying but don’t tell her that. I’ll come clean after I clean up all my cum off her. I promise. So just work with me on this.

Entertainment Weekly And ABC-TV Celebrate The New York Upfronts - ArrivalsEntertainment Weekly And ABC-TV Celebrate The New York Upfronts - Arrivals

In a related story I just came all over myself.

More details to come.


And her fake tits still look great. I’d love to play with them.

Exclusive... Hayden Panettiere & Wladimir Klitschko Enjoying A Day On The Beach - ADD WEB FEES

I’ve been a little out of the loop lately so is it true Hayden Panettiere got engaged to a giant? What the fuck is wrong with these hot young sluts who want to settle down at a young age? This is prime slut season for them. Don’t fuck it all up by getting married. Haven’t they learned anything from Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff? When you’re a hot piece of ass, milk it for all its worth. When the bottle’s dry THEN get married. Not now. Don’t do this to me Hayden. I still need you to make me cum.

Anyway here’s Hayden in a bikini. She’s still single so I’m still going to fantasize about fucking her hard.


There is some serious eye fucking going on with Hayden and this other chick. And we all know that eye fucking leads to real fucking which means not long after this picture was taken the brunette was sporting a strap-on and pounding Hayden’s sweet pussy until the intensity of her orgasms overwhelmed.

Simple deduction, really.


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