Halle Berry

Fifty-one looks pretty fucking good here.

She’s 50 folks.

Damn fine 50.

Halle Berry-ebhdwEQR

Why yes Ms. Berry I would very much love to suck on your gorgeous tits.


Don’t tell anyone. I wanna keep checking out her tits.


Based on the early returns it appears Halle Berry is going to win the Oscars this year. She wasn’t shy about showcasing her glorious ┬ámounds of love. For that, I thank her. And now I will ejaculate in her honor.


It would do a body good to love them, suck on them and cum all over them.

I would love to lose myself in Halle Berry’s wonderful cleavage. To suck, kiss and lick those beautiful chocolate jugs would be like heaven appearing here on Earth. Her tits are glorious. I want to love them.

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