Gillian Anderson

Trust no one Gillian, especially the guy trying to get a peak at your pussy.

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‘Sup Scully.

For many, Gillian Anderson will always be Scully to David Duchovny’s Mulder on “The X-Files.” In the lesbian community, however, Gillian Anderson is known for being a girl-loving whore who can’t get enough pussy to satisfy her lesbian longings.

Based on the rumors, blogs and message boards I’ve seen Gillian is quite the hound (houndess?). Not only does she love to fuck girls on a daily basis (especially black chicks with round asses) but she apparently loves to fuck them with a strap-on. Among her reported conquests is Tyra Banks and she is rumored to have been Jodie Foster’s sex slave before making it big on “The X-Files.”

Scully pounding Tyra Banks with a strap-on? I’m not sure my cock can take it.

I don’t know if these rumors are true or not. I do know they make me cum. And anything that makes me cum makes me happy. So the idea of Gillian Anderson pounding pussy with a strap-on makes me happy.

Very happy.