Another sensational Marvel film and I’m gonna welcome Tessa Thompson into the MCU by cumming to her now. I cannot think of a finer way to show my appreciation for her scene-stealing work as Valkyrie.

Shooting just wrapped on “Avengers:Infinity War” and it’s almost certainly going to be an epic masterpiece when it’s released next year. I can’t wait to see it. And it’s not just because we’ll get another chance to look at Scarlett Johansson in tight leather as Black Widow.

Although that is a plus.

A very big plus.

I have no idea what “Atomic Blonde” is about, but if it’s two hours of Charlize Theron and Sofia Boutella fucking it could go down as one of the greatest films ever made.

If you have seen either of the last two Captain America movies you might be wondering who the hot blonde chick is that Cap may or may not be trying to fuck in his very naive Cap-like way. That would be Emily VanCamp and she is deserving of Cap’s 100-year-old super cock without a doubt.

Here’s hoping Emily and her super bod sticks around the MCU for awhile. I like looking at her and touching myself. That is what great movies are all about.

Emily VanKamp50WZKoN

I think that has become quite clear.

Chloe Moretz-plot

Her part looks amazing.

Selena Gomez-neighbors

You decide.


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