Erin Andrews

I like Erin Andrews because she’s hot, has fantastic tits and a dynamite body. I have no respect for her because she fucked every pro athlete she could and used her infamous peephole video as a means to climb the ladder and become a Hollywood celebrity.

When it comes to my cock and wanting to fuck I don’t need to respect the chick. I just want that sweet piece of ass. Unfortunately, I’m not rich and a famous athlete so I have no chance to fuck Erin Andrews. But that won’t stop me from cumming. You can’t take that way from me, Erin. It’s mine. All mine.


Erin Andrews hasn’t met a famous athlete she hasn’t fucked which is one of the reasons why she became so popular. She also marketed herself as a “victim” when some guy took a poorly lit video of her undressing in her hotel room.

A real victim doesn’t use that invasion of privacy to get herself planted on the Red Carpet at movie premieres or appear on “Dancing With The Stars.” But that’s what Erin did.

I give Erin points for being opportunistic. I also applaud her for being a slut. I just laugh when she tries to call herself a “journalist.” Journalists don’t fuck the people they interview. Well the good ones don’t. You’re a slut, Erin. A very hot slut but still a slut. Embrace that and be honest with everyone.

Anyway, here’s Erin Andrews on a beach somewhere in a bikini living the life of a celebrity and not a “journalist” and looking good enough for Aaron Rodgers or David Wright to fuck.

She’s a whore.

Yeah I said it.

OK, here’s the deal. Erin Andrews for several years was a smoking hot “sports reporter” (I honestly can’t say that without laughing) who nobody outside the sports world knew from Adam (or Eve or whoever). So how should one go about changing that?

A sex video.

Now Erin didn’t have a sex video but she did have a peephole video where she was filmed in her hotel room in the nude admiring her ass like she had never seen something quite so wonderful before. Nobody would’ve known it was Erin Andrews unless she went public with the info which she did. The guy goes to jail and now EVERYONE knows who Erin Andrews is. She’s doing TV shows, showing up on the Red Carpet at the Oscars and has become a celebrity (not like that’s a real accomplishment) as opposed to simply a “sports reporter.”

Am I suggesting Erin used the peephole video or maybe even conspired with the person who filmed it in order to further her career? In a world where Kim Kardashian gets a TV show because she got fucked on film you tell me.

Anyway Erin is hot but I don’t take her seriously as a “sports reporter” and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if her ascent to celebrity status was all part of a well-orchestrated plan which she was heavily involved with at every step.

Of course, I’d still love to fuck her. Have you seen the tits and ass on this babe?

I’m a little upset that today’s the first I heard about this. Apparently, gorgeous ESPN whore … errr … broadcaster Erin Andrews was filmed in a hotel room naked without her consent. We know it’s Erin because Erin admitted it was.

Smart move, honey.

For those who haven’t seen the video you can’t even tell it’s her. It would’ve been fun to guess it’s Erin Andrews but now that we know it’s her it’s even more fun. This could have been kept under the radar forever and not even hardcore pervs like me would have known about it. But Erin did all of us a favor by telling the world about it.

ESPN is on the hunt for the person who filmed her and any sites who show it. So you won’t see it here. If you’re a good little Internet investigator, though, you can probably track it down without too much trouble.

What I’ve seen of it so far shows Erin – who as we all know has an incredible body – preening in front of a mirror doing her hair. My favorite part is how she checks out her ass several times. Hey, I’ve checked out her ass several times too so I can’t blame her. It’s fucking gorgeous.

Anyway, Erin Andrews is nude and on film. It’s grainy and not the best quality but if you enjoy seeing a sort of famous hot piece of ass on film you won’t complain.

Now if only that video of her fucking David Wright would get leaked.

Without any shots of Wright, of course.

Female sports reporters make me laugh. Not because I think they are incapable of doing the job, but rather nearly every one of them that I’ve met or encountered in my life has fucked one or several of the athletes they covered.

So when I hear female sports reports cry out about how they aren’t being taken seriously, it makes me laugh. It’s hard for me to take you seriously when I know that you were being used by two NFL stars in a three-way the night before, you know what I mean?

Now, that’s not to say every female reporter is sucking a famous athlete’s cock at this very minute. I’m sure there are one or two who actually are interested in being sports reporters. But the other 98%? They’re hoping to combine their job with the pleasure of being stuffed by A-Rod.

Don’t like the message? Well, don’t shoot the messenger because I only speak the truth.

And now, here’s a picture of Erin Andrews wearing a “Come over here and fuck me if you’re a rich famous athlete” dress. I’m sure this will get her an Emmy.

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