Emmy Rossum

I’ve been to LAX but I’ve never seen Emmy Rossum when I was there. I imagine if I had we would fuck. I think that’s what celebrity chicks do at airports. They pick up bloggers and fuck them. At least that’s what I thought might happen when I was cumming all over myself just now.

Say it would be so, Emmy. Say it would be so.


I don’t know who invented the “Just Make Sure To Show Off Your Tits” approach in fashion but we¬†should all be thankful. So when you’re looking at this picture of Emmy Rossum’s tits and you’re about to cum I think you should scream out “Thank You Whoever You Are” at the top of your lungs. Not only is it the right thing to do but just think¬†about the story you’ll be giving your neighbors.

emmy (3)

Emmy Rossum may like to think she’s a serious actress but at the end of the day she knows what’s really going on. She’s a hot piece of ass. And hot pieces of ass post pictures of themselves in bikinis on Instagram so the rest of us can enjoy pleasurable orgasms.

I think that’s actually in the Instgram bylaws. It’s part of the fine print.


If you watch “Shameless” you know that Emmy Rossum isn’t afraid to showcase the goodies. She seemingly spends every episode in various stages of undress or naked. That’s one of the many reasons why “Shameless” is such a great show.

If you haven’t seen the show just take a look at these pictures and try and tell me Emmy Rossum wouldn’t be an amazing lay. She just has it in her, don’t ya think?

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