Emmanuelle Chriqui

Good posture.

She may have just won the entire fucking year.

This is pretty fucking wonderful.

Emmanuelle Chriqui-SPmKJ4a

I notice these kinds of things.

Emmanuelle Chriqui-Middle-Cleavage-01

Can you see what it is?

Emmanuele Chriqui-1-770x1024

Emmanuelle Chriqui is gorgeous and has amazing tits. I think by definition that makes her perfect. It definitely makes me wanna cum. And honestly, isn’t that the true definition of perfection?

EC (5) 

I don’t claim to be an expert on women by any means. But I will tell you this – if you catch me checking out a chick’s tits it’s because I want to fuck her. 

So here we have Emmanuelle Chriqui gazing all kinds of intently at Emily Osment’s wondrous bosom. I don’t need to be an expert on anything to deduce she’s doing that because she wants those gorgeous tits in her mouth and Emily’s sweet pussy grinding on her face in a torrid 69.

Everyone can see that right? I mean, it’s so damn obvious.

Crackle Original Series' "Cleaners" And "Sequestered" Summer Premiere Celebration

When I’m at the beach with other guys we’re not posing for pictures hugging and touching each other. The reason is simple – we’re not going to be fucking each other later. So logically, the only reason why Emily Osment and Emmanuelle Chriqui would be posing like this is to let all of us know they’re going to fuck.

I applaud that decision. I’ll applaud it even more if there’s a video. Please let there be a video.


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