Emily Vancamp

If you have seen either of the last two Captain America movies you might be wondering who the hot blonde chick is that Cap may or may not be trying to fuck in his very naive Cap-like way. That would be Emily VanCamp and she is deserving of Cap’s 100-year-old super cock without a doubt.

Here’s hoping Emily and her super bod sticks around the MCU for awhile. I like looking at her and touching myself. That is what great movies are all about.

Emily VanKamp50WZKoN

I don’t know who Emily Vancamp is. I’m guessing she’s an actress of some kind. But I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and she caught my eye. Then I saw these pictures and they made my cock hard because she has fantastic tits. So I now love her. Or at least I want to fuck her. I’m torn about my feelings.

But I am hard.

Very very hard.