Elizabeth Olsen

It’s fun. It really is.


If this also wasn’t Game of Thrones Day I’d say Lizzie just won Sunday but this is pretty damn nice. Very damn nice.

Sometimes Mother Nature just gives us all a solid.

Elizabeth Olsen-lQgnAiu

Oh yes I do.


It won’t be long until “Captain America: Civil War” is in theaters and early reviews say this is going to be the best Marvel movie ever. So in honor of its upcoming release, here is Elizabeth Olsen who makes my penis very happy whenever I see her.

All I can say is – Fuck me Wanda. Fuck me very very hard.

Elizabeth Olsen

I didn’t know much about Elizabeth Olsen until I saw “Avengers: Age Of Ultron.” Now I really wanna have sex with her. I think that’s how all the great romances of our time began.