Danielle Harris

Scream queen Danielle Harris isn’t very well known and that’s a damn shame. She’s hot, has a smokin bod and seems like a pretty cool chick on top of all that. Plus with all her tats you know she loves to fuck. Here she is showing off her tits and I appreciate her desire to make me cum.


Here’s Scream Queen Danielle Harris again causing the blood to go racing to my cock. She’s hot, has a smoking body and you know that any chick with a tattoo near her pussy loves to fuck. You’re gonna make me cum again, Danielle. Just the way I know you like it.


Danielle Harris isn’t very well known. She mainly appears in low-budget horror movies. But she has a smoking bod and when I look at her my cock gets hard and I want to fuck her. So therefore I love her.

Come fuck me, Danielle.

And bring your friend Brea with you.


No reason for the Hudgens sisters to be the only ones to enjoy my throbbing hard cock, right ladies?

I can’t imagine a sexier way to dress. It just makes me want to cum. And isn’t that what all chicks should want? Me to cum? That’s not selfish is it?

Unless you watch some of the cheesy “Halloween” movies (including the last two remakes), you probably have no idea who Danielle Harris is. Well here is a picture to help you come to a conclusion. And the conclusion you should come to? She’s a smoking hot piece of ass who loves to fuck.

And I want to oblige. Boy oh boy do I want to oblige.