Danielle Fishel

Anyone who watched “Boy Meets World” back in the day didn’t give a shit about the kids all growing up and facing real-world responsibilities. It was all about the desire to fuck Topanga and fuck her hard.

Danielle Fishel had it goin on back then and she’s still working the magic today. Now she’s a big-titted slut who loves to make out with chicks in bars. In other words, she’s my dream girl. “Maxim” wisely saw all the potential for cum to be drained all over their magazine and promptly gave her a spread in an upcoming issue.

I will honor Danielle by furiously masturbating and screaming out “I love you Topanga” as I’m cumming. I think it’s what Danielle would want.


She also has great tits.

I like her tits a lot.

I have to come clean – I used to watch “Boy Meets World” back in the day. The show wasn’t very good but I had it bad for Topanga. I wanted to do her in the worst way. And after finding out Danielle Fishel likes fucking girls my appreciation – and my cock – for her rose even more.

Here’s Danielle looking fetching in a skirt that makes me want to fuck Topanga until we’re both covered in sweat.