Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is 48 years old. She’s still hotter than most chicks in their 20s. I’m guessing it’s because she either bathes in virgin’s blood or because she (allegedly) loves to fuck other chicks. I’m going with the latter only because I’m a romantic and not a serial killer.


Of course you do. You’re human, ain’t you?


That’s one hot mom I would very much love to fuck.

Cindy Crawford - V - Winter 2013 - Sebastian Faena - 002

Cindy Crawford, the greatest supermodel ever, is 45 and looks hotter than most chicks in their 20s. Plus, she reportedly still likes to fuck other chicks which makes her a queen among peasant girls. Here’s looking at you Cindy C. You’ve made me cum so wonderfully over the years.

I’m not sure what I like most about Cindy Crawford. If it’s the fact she’s 45 and still makes my penis roar with delight or that I hear a bunch of stories about what a wild bisexual slut she still is.

Hmm …

OK, it’s both.

That was pretty easy actually.

This pic is two years old but if anybody complains they’re going to get smacked in the face. It’s Cindy Crawford topless. Who cares how old it is?

This pic was taken when Cindy C was on George Clooney’s yacht. How fucking cool is George Clooney. Hot married chicks come aboard his yacht and take their tops off. The guy is a god.

This deserves a monument. Think about the fact this woman is in her 40s and is a mom and look how fine that ass still is. When Prince talked about the carnal joys of Cindy C. he could only have imagined how hot she’d still be some 20 years later.

I’d hit it.

cindy crawford _excl_coq_051209cindy crawford_excl_coq_051209

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