Christina Ricci

Here’s Christina Ricci without a shirt. Notice the bird on her tit. Not sure what would make a girl want to defile her gorgeous bosom like that but I guess it’s because she likes birds. I like nice tits and Christina has nice tits.

Even if one of ’em’s got a bird on it.

I’ve always had a thing for Christina Ricci. She was hot but wasn’t strikingly beautiful. She had a great rack and it’s still pretty fine even though she got it reduced. I think she’s a little too skinny but that’s Hollywood for you. Nobody there likes a girl with curves.

Anyway, I like Christina Ricci. I normally don’t post pictures of guys (or dogs) or boring pictures of hot chicks like this one where Christina Ricci is walking with a guy and a dog. But check out how tiny she is. If she was covered in blue paint and rhyming you’d swear she was an Oompa Loompa. She’s like a miniture human. I wonder if she needs a booster seat when she’s eating at the dinner table.