Christina Milian

I guess you can still call Christina Milian an actress even though I have no idea if she’s done any work in years. But that really isn’t important. What matters most is she’s an amazing piece of ass who loves to flaunt the goods. Here she is in a great dress showing off her tits. I’m no fashion critic but this gets an A-plus from me and a rise from my cock.


Christina Milian is an “actress” who appeared in a couple of shitty movies and then basically became famous for being a smoking hot babe (nothing wrong with that, of course). And all you need to do is take one look at her here and you can see why my cock just started throbbing with delight.

What I love most about this pic is how Christina is showing chicks how to dress. You want to dress for success, girls? Unbotton your top down to your crotch and show off your jugs. That’s how you get an A fashion grade in my book.

If you’ll excuse me now I’m going to cum.