Christina Aguilera

I’m an educated man and I know that sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. But this picture is clearly telling me that Christina Aguilera and Channing Tatum’s wife (Jenna Dawan-Tatum) are fucking. How else would you reasonably explain it? When I take a picture with one of my guy friends I’m not handcuffed with him sitting on my lap preparing to fuck me. Not even if it’s his birthday.

So Christina Aguilera and Jenna Dawan-Tatum are fucking. Channing probably gets to watch and join in too.




I was perusing the Internet today and came across several interesting Lesbian gossip items. As one of mankind’s most fervent supporters of lesbian celebrity fucking I had to check it out. Among the things I read is that Christina Aguilera fucked Alison Haislip when Haislip was working on “The Voice” and then got her fired when their relationship ended.

Now keep in mind this is all gossip but Christina definitely likes the ladies and Alison Haislip strikes me as the type of chick who would happily fuck a hot piece of ass if she had the chance. So I believe it. Do you? Take a look at the pics below and then imagine the two of them fucking.

Seems believable, doesn’t it? Of course it does.

alison-haislip-lq1_123_244lo"Pussycat Dolls" Live at The Roxy

One of the greatest trends in the world today is hot chicks taking revealing pictures of themselves and sending them to other people. This may be the coolest thing sluts have ever figured out because the great thing about this is at some point someone is going to release these pictures for all of us to see.

How wonderful is that?

Today we get to see Christina Aguilera showing off her finely tuned partially manufactured bod. For that I thank her and now I shall begin to cum.

Either that or she just wants everyone to check out her giant fake rack.

The Roxy

A bra? She don’t need no stinkin bra.

Christina Aguilera

Nothing says Opening Day in baseball quite like a fine ass. Don’t believe me, check out the following sweet asses and tell me what’s better. Looking at them or watching the Pirates?

In order they are:

Jessica Biel

Jessica Alba

Anna Kournikova

Michelle Trachtenberg

Christina Aguilera

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