Christian Serratos

Not sure if any of you noticed that.

I need more orgasms with my walker kills.

In case you didn’t know, “The Walking Dead” is back and that means Christian Serratos is back as Rosita. She makes my penis happy. I like that about her. I like that very much.

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The Season 7 trailer of “The Walking Dead” trailer dropped on Friday and it’s spectacular. The upcoming season looks fantastic as expected. The trailer didn’t reveal who Negan killed, not that anyone should have expected that, but it was amazing and filled with plenty of incredible images and great new characters ::coughKingEzekielcough::.

In honor of the trailer’s release and the upcoming season here’s a picture of  Christian Serratos who plays Rosita on the show who I really want to have  sex with. That would be seriously awesome.


Christian Serratos plays Rosita on “The Walking Dead.” I hope she doesn’t die anytime soon. I enjoy watching her every week on the show because she makes my cock hard. That’s not something you always get out of a zombie show so when you get it, enjoy it.

Thank you Christian. I am going to enjoy myself now.

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#BTS photo shoot with @mattlicari

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“The Walking Dead” will return from its midseason hiatus in a little over a week. If we’re lucky the first new episode will be 60 minutes of Maggie, Tara and Rosita fucking as they seek comfort in one another’s arms (not to mention pussies and asses) trying to escape the horrors of the zombie apocalypse.

“The Walking Dead” is an awesome show and the writers don’t need my help crafting great stories to tell but let’s be honest – would this not be the greatest hour of television ever? Of course it would. The Emmys would never stop pouring in.

walking dead

I’m not a big fan of the effects added to this picture but I do love Alanna Masterson’s tits. So that’s more than enough to make me cum. If you need a little extra, that’s her “The Walking Dead” co-star Christian Serratos next to her. And if you need even more well they probably fucked right after this picture was taken.


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