Chrissy Teigen

I followed Chrissy Teigen on Twitter and Instagram for awhile. She came across as arguably the biggest bitch on the planet. Correction biggest BITCH on the planet. Yes there is a difference.

She came across as extremely unlikable and there have been gossip items about her which back that up. So I’m willing to bet my initial impression of her was spot on.

But she is hot and has a great body and here she is without a top on. Oh her nipples are blurred because apparently seeing your entire tit is fine but God help us all if we see a nipple.

We really do live in a fucked up country.

Oh well.


teigen_11_122_178lo (1)

SuperModel Chrissy Teigen quit Twitter the other day because she was getting death threats. That’s serious shit and all but honestly I don’t care all that much. I just wanted to post a picture of Chrissy Teigen because she has fantastic tits.

That’s how I roll. Deal with it.


Chrissy Teigen is a model who’s married to some singer I’ve never heard of. She was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue this year so I followed her on Instagram for awhile. But I got tired of her quickly. She never posted sexy stuff and talked about her husband way too much. I don’t need that shit when I’m looking to get off.

But she is a hot piece of ass with great tits and here she is showing them off. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you another shot Chrissy.

Would it kill you to post a lesbian sex video or something? Then you would be totally awesome.