Chloe Bennet

I like this.

I’d get on that ass if I had the chance too.

Tonight is the winter finale of “Marvel’s Agents of Shield.” If you don’t feel like watching the episode maybe this picture of Chloe Bennet will get your attention. Or maybe it will just make you want to cum. Or maybe, like me, it will make you do both.

This is what I call a fun Tuesday night at my house.


I like it when my penis is happy.

Chloe Bennet-Ct9pNCy

How you doin?

Chloe Bennet-dIhgN2u

Hey Daisy, wanna fuck?

Chloe Bennet

I really wish she would fuck me. That would be so cool if she did.

💇🏻 season 3 here we come #daisyjohnson #AgentsofSHIELD

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