Chloe Bennet

I like it when my penis is happy.

Chloe Bennet-Ct9pNCy

How you doin?

Chloe Bennet-dIhgN2u

Hey Daisy, wanna fuck?

Chloe Bennet

I really wish she would fuck me. That would be so cool if she did.

💇🏻 season 3 here we come #daisyjohnson #AgentsofSHIELD

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I’d like that.

I’d like that a lot.


I want her to take it, love it and own it.

Chloe Bennet0004

One thing I’ve noticed about Chloe Bennet is that in addition to being smoking hot she loves showing off her tits. I find that one of the most admirable qualities a hot slut can have. Show me your tits and I will fall in love.

Or lust.

One of ’em. I’ll definitely cum a lot.

What more could you possibly want from me?

I love you Chloe. Let’s fuck.


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